Sandalphon Capital is a micro venture capital firm focused on early stage (Seed to Series A) investments in the Midwest, South, and select other markets. We seek to participate in early financing rounds, typically alongside angel investors and other early stage funds.

“Sandalphon” is the name of the tallest angel - said to be the protector of unborn and newborn children (yes, that’s a metaphor for startups), whose most important responsibility is reportedly to ensure that prayers are answered. The etymology of his name is loosely translated as “co-brother”.


Sandalphon invests opportunistically across the US but has a core focus on Chicago and the Midwest, Austin and the South, and select other markets. Sandalphon Capital seeks to invest at Seed and/or Series A stages across select industries including:


Fund Investments

  • Chowly
  • HappyCo
  • Jio
  • Kin Insurance
  • Lawgix
  • Logicgate
  • Page Vault
  • RealKey
  • Realvision
  • Regroup Therapy
  • Rentalutions
  • Structurely
  • Supernova
  • The Minte
  • Truss

Select Prior Investments (Direct or Indirect via Syndicates)

AirCare (Seed) | AptDeco (Seed) | AutoFi (Seed) | Chatmeter (Series A) | HigherMe (Seed) | Meural (Seed) | Opternative (Series A) | Roomi (Seed) | Shoppable (Seed) | TurboAppeal (Series A) (Exit) | Trustify (Seed)